Monday, June 27, 2016

Life, Love, & Literature #003: The 700

My in-laws flew down from Ontario a few weeks after my son was born. Over breakfast one morning, my father-in-law (a fellow bibliophile) asked me how many books I have. At this point, I glanced sheepishly around the table before replying that, in fact, I was not exactly sure. I noted that some time ago (let's call it at least 5 years), I attempted to take inventory of all my books and stopped around 685. Since then, that number has undoubtedly grown. Of this ridiculous number of tomes, I've probably read one quarter or less.

As you might have guessed, I'm the kind of person who likes books... a lot. I like seeing them. I like reading them. I like smelling them. (Don't judge me!) Whenever I see a book I'd like to read, I do one of three things: 1) I buy it on the spot. 2) I check Amazon to see if I can pick it up on the cheap... and then buy it if the price is right, or 3) I take a picture of the ISBN and save it for later. That, at least,  explains how I got into my current situation.

Certain periods of my life have given me the opportunity to put a dent in my collection  (e.g. military deployments, etc.) but those have been but drops in the proverbial bucket. That being said, I have set myself to the task of reading every book in my collection (and trying not to buy too many more in the meantime). I will attempt to mark my progress with regular reports on this blog as I have done in the past prior to giving myself this challenge. For now however, I bid you all goodnight.

~ Gabe

A few of the 700...