Thursday, July 11, 2013

Game Review #001: Endless Space

Before I begin, I just want to clarify that these are simply my initial impressions. I spent the better part of yesterday engrossed in the sheer enormity of Endless Space: Emperor Edition (purchased on Amazon, validated through Steam). That being said, I will try give a good account without too many spoilers.

The Plot:
From what I've gathered so far, there really isn't a set plot. There's a back-story and a premise, but that's about it. Nonetheless, the plot elements that are there add a lot of depth and atmosphere to the game.

My first thought while going through the tutorial was: "Holy ****balls, Batman! This game is HUGE!" (or something like that). I've never been one much for tutorials, but trust me: in this game, you need it. There are seriously nested menus 4 to 5 levels deep in some cases with a ridiculous number of options. That being said,  that feature alone makes the game very non-linear (which is awesome if you're like me and like games with a lot of replayability).

Non-linear gameplay
Impossibly huge game world
Copious amounts of options
Full control from the macro- to the micro-level
Lots of playable races with their own special features
Beautiful graphics and a thought-provoking score

Almost too detailed
It truly does take forever to research new technologies
Static technology tree (not really a con, but neither is it a pro)
Baddies start off with larger, better ships than you

9 out of 10

Buy this game NOW!

Cover Shot:

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